How we work

BCP are committed to offering innovative ways of engaging children and young people many of whom have been excluded from other youth provision.

Our style of delivery is participatory, in recognition that we are working with people who may not feel comfortable engaging with organisations that are highly regulated or have an official feel about them.

BCP offer a wide range of activities and experience including, sport, games, life skills, craft, football, skating, boarding and BMX. On top of all this our mentoring is specifically focused on building confidence and positive relationships.

We are committed to partnership working with other organizations to leverage the highest quality youth provision.

Whilst we have insight into the needs of local youth we are committed to ensuring the same young people are involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of our projects thus offering them a unique opportunity to learn skills that will assist with future employability.

We encourage youth participation at a borough wide level e.g. on the Youth Participation Board, through events such as the Chief Executive’s walkabout on Grahame Park Estate and Voicebox activities.

BCP has 5 core projects and several projects which we umbrella at various levels. The core projects are – youth work sessions, Switch skatepark project, the Workshop, Rainbow Centre community development and the café.

Each core project has a management team who oversee the running of the project covering areas such as staffing, development, running events and communication. The director of BCP meets monthly with each team to check the running of the project and receives a written report. This is presented to the management and operations team.

BCP provides fundraising, business planning, networks, volunteers, policies and insurance for projects under its umbrella – for a 3 year period before the project becomes an independent partner to BCP.  We also provide use of our charitable status by agreement.


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