The Rainbow Centre


The Rainbow Centre has been set up as a community hub. It is run by a user group, drawn from local residents and organisations that use the building. BCP is involved in the running of the centre and facilitating the community hub aspect of the work.

The centre has been refurbished and brought back into use by the donation of hundreds of hours of voluntary work by local residents and organisations. It has become a thriving centre, full of life and energy. People of all ages and stages get to meet, be involved in various projects and courses and support one another in community life. One exciting development recently has been the number of local people finding jobs and training. Some people who have been long term unemployed are now finding the support, training and encouragement they need to get into work. Our Mentoring into Work scheme is already beginning to see very positive results.

Aims for BCP at the community centre

    • Increased take up of advice and information services enhancing quality of life
    • Development of employability skills through volunteering at the café and development of projects
    • Provision of Job Clubs and help into training
    • Provide employment opportunities based at the centre
    • Help facilitate training courses working with our partners
    • Setting up the Workshop training centre
    • Facilitate the hire of the building for use by the local community and organisations
    • Organise community events and fun days
    • Set up and run various youth outreach projects
    • Vehicle through which to deliver support for new and emerging projects
    • Networking opportunity with other organisations

One of the benefits of being here daily for the community has been that issues local people are facing have been picked up and that by working with the Rainbow and other partners we have been able to respond. The work has sometimes been difficult but always rewarding; we are looking forward to the year ahead and working more closely with the community. We want to help the community as they face the challenges ahead and work with other groups to equip people to handle the regeneration process that is beginning here.

Contact us here

This is a link to The Rainbow Centre website


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