Youth Work


Barnet Community Projects Youth Team empowers young people to achieve their potential in their individual lives and as a part of their wider community.


BCP Youth Team support local community development by:

  • Providing youth projects in areas of social and economic deprivation.
  • Working in partnership with local groups and individuals to maximise our combined efforts.
  •  Promoting social equality and diversity.
  •  Challenging young people to make positive changes and developments for themselves, and for others.
  •  Making a long term, sustainable commitment to an area.


BCP Youth Team serve young people by:

  •  Including people between 10-25 years, from all backgrounds and of all abilities.
  •  Enabling young people to develop new skills.
  •  Sparking young peoples’ interests, valuing their uniqueness and bringing to life the hopes and dreams inside them.
  •  Valuing their opinions so that young people actively lead the way, and shape our projects and activities.
  •  Encouraging them to make positive contributions to their community.
  •  Supporting young people into training and paid employment.
  •  Providing positive and inspiring role models.
  • Fostering behaviours such as listening, respect, negotiation, thought before action, compassion.



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